A note on the NHC Regionals and the Florida Circuit.

This site tracks the NHC Regional and NHC Final rounds and includes those scores in the standing totals. This decision is based on the circuit having tracked NHC wins, to some extent, before the regionals were canceled due to COVID and COVID protocols.

It’s unclear whether or not the Florida Circuit officially recognizes NHC wins this season. Until this is confirmed, it’s suggested to consider any NHC points as “unofficial.”

The “Individual Standings 2023” and “Club Standings 2023” offer both points totals in separate tabs (mobile users may need to scroll to the bottom of the screen to access the “Without NHC Points” tabs).

Having said all that, we feel an NHC regional win is as big of an accomplishment as any win in any other competition in the Florida circuit, and we will continue to celebrate these brewers.

The Florida Home Brew Circuit competitors got a pleasant surprise today – the results of the regional round of the National Homebrew Competition we released almost a week early!

The results have made the leaderboard for the circuit Individual Brewers, with now five brewers tied for first place!

Fourteen clubs picked up points in these regional competitions, with the top five clubs being:

This story isn’t over. The results of the Final Round of NHC will be announced at Homebrew Con in June. NHC scores will be updated as needed when those results come in.

Congratulations to all the regional winners!

Now on to Hurricane Blow Off 2023!

For all results from all NHC regions, please visit: https://www.homebrewersassociation.org/national-homebrew-competition/winners/