Another Florida Home Brew Competition season concluded this past weekend with the Best Florida Beer Homebrew competition awards ceremony.

During the eight local circuit competitions, 2622 beers were judged, and 908 medals were awarded to 210 brewers from 58 clubs nationwide!

The bar was set earlier with Brewers Anonymous in Orlando, FL, winning the Coconut Cup with a 62-point win, two best-of-show winners, and two heavy medal brewer recipients.

Brewers Anonymous managed to maintain a significant lead throughout the season, with Cowford Ale Sharing Klub in Jacksonville, FL, mounting a colossal catch-up effort midway into the season.

In the end, Brewers Anonymous locked in the season at Best Florida Beer, winning with 62 points and sweeping the Best of Show awards for the first time in at least a decade.

In the end, the top Brewers and Clubs of the year for 2023 are:

2023 Brewer of the Year:

Jesse Johnson – 1st Place Home Brewer of the Year – 49 Points
Lucas Kluz – 2nd Place Home Brewer of the Year – 47 Points
Ron Minkoff – 3rd Place Home Brewer of the Year – 44 Points

2023 Home Brew Club of the Year:

Brewers Anonymous, Orlando, FL – 1st Place Home Brew Club of the Year – 434 Points
Cowford Ake Sharing Club (CASK), Jacksonville, FL – 2nd Place Home Brew Club of the Year – 355 Points
Pinellas Urban Brewers Guild, Seminole, FL – 3rd Place Home Brewer Club of the Year – 154 Points

Congratulations to everyone for a fantastic competition season!

Special thanks to all the competition organizers, judges, stewards, volunteers, club members, and home brew and beer enthusiasts who put in countless hours of their time to make all this possible!

The 2024 competition season is just around the corner. For all the latest in the circuit throughout the season, check back here.

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